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What is the
ACE Partner Program?

In order to bring the best experience to test takers and potential test takers, ACE Testing Hub works hand in hand with various organizations within Australia.
If you are an Education Agency, test centre, or any organization who want to help introduce TOEFL and other different English Proficiency test products and services to a wider audience, we’d love to work with you.
Enjoy access to special discounts and rates for vouchers, marketing resources, preparation material, training, and general support across Australia.
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Why ACE?

ACE Testing Hub is a global test centre, and is partner to some of the world’s largest testing groups, such as ETS.
We work with organizations across the world to deliver world-class testing experiences through helping potential test takers throughout their journey.
ACE Testing Hub is Australia’s only TOEFL® Market Ambassador and the exclusive TOEFL iBT® voucher reseller, managing the voucher reselling network throughout Australia.

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